The Social Revolution of the Play2Earn

Play in the Metaverse

MBG is a free metaverse enter tournaments Special Royal Rumble
complete daily challenges and compete against other players to earn valuable rewards.


What's Metabull Games?

Metabull Games (MBG) will be full transparent and community-driven, where social gaming will be the main pillar around which the project will build. GameFi technology will then give the players the chance to benefit from both Play-to-Earn Games, allowing players to experience from a new POV entertainment, social gaming and passive income: a real-built Casino in the metaverse will then enhance the gaming experience at higher level of reality and social interaction.


Let's Take a Deeper Look

The MBG casino built in the metaverse can be visited by everyone that can watch the games running on.

The Games available on MBG platform are:

Only owners of NFT cards and MBG Chips can get the access to these exclusive games.

Within MBG games porfolio, there are Special rooms/ tables where users can attend exclusive games called

“Special Royal Rumble”

Silver Club

Gold Club

Black Club


The game consists in a one-shot hand of Texas Hold’em Poker: each participant starts already with the first 2 cards (i.e. their own NFT cards).

Based on his confidence, everyone can decide to pay to proceed to see the next cards (flop, turn and river). At end of the hand, there will be 3 winners.

Who’s Behind MBG

Meet Our Team

Gianmarco Campironi

Founder & Gambling Expert

Arturo Conte

Founder - Crypto, DeFi and NFT's Expert

Cristina Romano

Gambling Expert Analyst

Luca Rennis

Crypto & Blockchain Expert
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